Band : Elise Bellew
Title : Wonderland
Release Date : October 15, 2018
Label : SuperUniverse Records



Wonderland is the second solo release from Elise Bellew and includes five new original songs that represent a shift in genre – going from alternative pop/rock to alternative electro pop.


“Your Loving Arms” is a happy dance pop love song with a fun, uplifting chorus; “Orbit” is a vibey, quirky electro pop love song that will put you in a happy trance; “Wonderland” is an ethereal, uplifting pop song that incorporates Strings. This is a metaphorical journey song using Alice In Wonderland as the metaphor; “The Forest” is a dark, moody pop song with sultry vocals and an urban bass line. This song is a companion piece to “Wonderland”, and is also a metaphorical journey song, using the forest as the metaphor; “Sad Song” is an ultra vibey Singer/Songwriter song with trancey elements. Bittersweet and contemplative, “Sad Song” aims to take listeners to an introspective space.

All songs by Elise Bellew and Bryan Steele, except “Wonderland” by Elise Bellew, Bryan Steele, and Julian Sundby. All songs produced by Bryan Steele, with vocals engineered by Elise Bellew.

Wonderland was released on October 15, 2018, and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all places digital.

Copyright 2018, Elise Bellew. All Rights Reserved.