“Greensleeves” is Released as a Single & Debuts on Indie Radio in London, UK!

I am excited to say that my song “Greensleeves” from my upcoming Christmas EP “Bellew Christmas” has been released as a stand-alone Single on iTunes worldwide. “Greensleeves” made its indie radio debut in London on My Kind of Music UK on August 27th, and I couldn’t be more excited! The DJ’s there are so cool and funny! They have the most hysterical sense of humor and they crack me up all the time on Twitter : ) They are going to be featuring me on their website soon with photos and an interview, which will also include a retrospective on my original band The Mary Dream. Just to give you an idea of their wild sense of humor, one of the interview questions is: “Do you know anyone named Barbara?” This question has become an ongoing joke between myself and the DJ’s to the point where we are now referring to “the Barbaras” that I know as “The Babs” : )

The reason I decided to release “Greensleeves” as an advance Single is because it is more of a love song than exclusively a Christmas song and the DJ’s at MKOM were so excited to start playing it, that they wanted it available in the UK, so hence the early release. You can listen to “Greensleeves” right here and now on this post : ) ~EB

4 thoughts on ““Greensleeves” is Released as a Single & Debuts on Indie Radio in London, UK!

  1. Larry Cafiero

    It’s so great to see you reaching your dream, Elise. It’s so great, too, to see that people recognize your remarkable talents. Can’t wait until the album is out.

  2. Elise Bellew

    Thank you SO much Larry! I couldn’t be more excited and grateful for this new musical era in my life! I can’t wait to share the new record with you and many more for years to come! ~Elise

  3. Elise Bellew

    Thank you so very much Neil! Coming from such a talented artist such as yourself, I am truly honored : ) ~Elise

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