Day 6: Mark Hill on Bass!


If things weren’t already perfect enough for this blessed recording, on this day I got to work with long-time friend and Nashville bass player extraordinaire, Mark Hill. Mark had already worked with me before on The Mary Dream’s latest record “This Kind of Life” so he already knew “how I am” : ) I will confess to you now that I am a control freak in the studio. I got it from Blake, but it’s “mine” now and there’s no turning back… Mark knows this and he still loves me anyway! Now that’s true friendship! lol! Mark arrived with a minimal setup – 1 Fender bass and a small amp head that looked like a simple black box, and after some warm hugs hello, we got down to the business at hand…

At one point, while we were tracking “Blue Christmas” and Mark was laying down the COOLEST Radiohead-like bass part, Mark said he was getting “goosebumps”… He was, as we all have been, overwhelmed by the unexpected vibeyness of that song… I can only imagine what Elvis would think if he could hear it now, lol : ) Another highlight of the session for me was when we arrived at the bass tone for “Greensleeves”… We had been experimenting with different tones and at the last minute, we decided to try a stand-up bass tone… it almost worked but needed to be more “alternative” and not so sustained, and there it was!!! An AMAZING low, “creeping” bass tone that added the perfect gothic foundation to our alt-folk-goth rendition of Greensleeves!!!

Throughout the session, I did my usual “Um… could we ‘investigate’ a section for a moment…” and at one point Mark exclaimed in a humorous tone “She’s all over it man!”. I’m sorry to say that I am, and that I will never forget that statement, lmao! Thank you Mark for always being the wonderful YOU and for being such an INCREDIBLE bass player!!! ~EB

4 thoughts on “Day 6: Mark Hill on Bass!

  1. Erik Johnson

    Very inspiring! I just picked up the bass guitar. I’m teaching myself and this is yet another inspiration for me! Thank you!

  2. Elise Bellew

    Oh wow! That’s so awesome Erik! This session was so cool with Mark Hill. He used only that one bass you see in the pic, but changed the tone and approach for each song… For “Greensleeves” we went with a very cool “stand up bass” sound, but he let each note sustain a little bit… It was a wonderful session! Mark also played on most of the songs on my record “This Kind of Life” with The Mary Dream. And then Justin Cary from Sixpence None The Richer played on the songs that Mark didn’t play on : ) ~Elise

  3. Elise Bellew

    Yes, we got to work with Justin on numerous occasions, not only recording with us at our home studio, but he also performed with us live in Nashville. He’s a great player and a wonderful person. He played on this song called “Home” from The Mary Dream’s “This kind of Life” record: Listen to “Home” by The Mary Dream

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