Day 5: Mike Payne on Guitar!


On this day, I could just kick back and relax a bit. I already knew from listening to his work that Mike Payne was “my kind” of guitar player… No need for example tracks or a pre-recording discussion. The foundation laid down by Ken & Blair was already there, so anything Mike added would just be icing on the sonic cake! And what BEAUTIFUL icing it was!!! Mike brought 4 electrics including a Fender Jaquar, a Fender Telecaster, a Les Paul and a Guild. Mike has exquisite taste in pedals and tones so there were no worries there… He pretty much “read my mind” the entire time and just filled in any empty space with sonic guitar tones and riffs that complemented what Blair had already done. We did enlist Mike to lay down foundational acoustic tracks as well, so he had his work cut out for him, but all in all, the day went as wonderful and perfect as the days before it. Thank you Mike for bringing your alternative guitar God awesomeness to the songs!!! ~EB

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