Day 4: Blair Masters on Keys!


Okay, so there are keyboard players and then there are KEYBOARD PLAYERS like Blair Masters!!! You can’t even begin to imagine the sonic joy I was in on this day in the studio. The day started off much like the day before – with me explaining to Blair that I didn’t want him to just play in the background, I wanted him to be FEATURED. I was looking for that melodic ear candy that I knew Blair was known for… so once again, I excitedly opened my laptop and played Blair my example tracks… Once again, Sia’s “Breathe Me” with its incredible repetitive piano riff, the super cool keyboard riff from the intro of Alanis Morisette’s “Thank You”, a cool vintage Rhodes part that Blair had played on Nashville’s Anna Johnson’s song called “MUSIC”, and of course, the beautiful piano riffs Blake had played on our latest Mary Dream record “This Kind of Life”…

The day went beyond belief… Blair dialed in the coolest sounds, played stunning riffs… we kept things simple and alternative, making sure not to ever sound too “joe piano”… At one point, when we were recording “Blue Christmas” I literally think Blair read my mind. I had been thinking to myself “can you play something that represents snowflakes?” Before I could even voice my idea, Blair was playing these cool little “bursts” of sound… LIKE FREAKIN’ SNOWFLAKES!!! I kid you not. The only way to truly understand what I’m talking about is to actually listen to “Blue Christmas” and you will hear what I mean. Blair, you have brought complete and utter sonic joy to my ears on these tracks. ~EB

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