Day 3: Drum Tracking with Ken Lewis!


Well it’s Day 3 in the studio, and it’s also drum tracking day! I’m a drum freak, so drum tracking day is always extra special for me : ) And the day could not have been more amazing with the incomparable Nashville drummer Ken Lewis! The day started off with me explaining to Ken how into drums I am and how I don’t like drums to take a “back seat” in a recording, I like them to be FEATURED… I’m literally a drum ADDICT and live for the ear candy that a truly GREAT drummer can create. Ken Lewis is one of those drummers. I excitedly opened my laptop and played my example tracks for Ken… Cool, syncopated Matt Chamberlain-style grooves like Sia’s “Breathe Me”, Fiona Apple’s “Across the Universe” cover, stuff from the last Mary Dream record that Steve Brewster had laid down… Within minutes Ken was on his awesome Gretsch kit playing a glorious array of syncopated riffs and fills. I was in Drum Heaven. So that’s how the day went… the syncopated stuff worked great for some songs and for others we had to explore other avenues, but in the end, a FANTASTIC collection of drums tracks!!! Ken, I thank you from the bottom of my drum-loving heart!!! ~EB

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