“Greensleeves” is Released as a Single & Debuts on Indie Radio in London, UK!

I am excited to say that my song “Greensleeves” from my upcoming Christmas EP “Bellew Christmas” has been released as a stand-alone Single on iTunes worldwide. “Greensleeves” made its indie radio debut in London on My Kind of Music UK on August 27th, and I couldn’t be more excited! The DJ’s there are so cool and funny! They have the most hysterical sense of humor and they crack me up all the time on Twitter : ) They are going to be featuring me on their website soon with photos and an interview, which will also include a retrospective on my original band The Mary Dream. Just to give you an idea of their wild sense of humor, one of the interview questions is: “Do you know anyone named Barbara?” This question has become an ongoing joke between myself and the DJ’s to the point where we are now referring to “the Barbaras” that I know as “The Babs” : )

The reason I decided to release “Greensleeves” as an advance Single is because it is more of a love song than exclusively a Christmas song and the DJ’s at MKOM were so excited to start playing it, that they wanted it available in the UK, so hence the early release. You can listen to “Greensleeves” right here and now on this post : ) ~EB


“Sneak Peak” Cover Photoshoot Pics!


On May 16th, my wonderfully talented photographer extraordinaire Chatee’ Lackey sent me some advance photos from our Cover Photoshoot from May 4th! And I couldn’t be more excited and happy with the results! As you can see from above, she sent me one lying on the couch and then I’ve added 2 more pics to the Bio Page! Check them out! Chatee’ is busy getting more photos ready, but as soon as she does, I will be creating an Instagram Page & Gallery! I’m SO excited! It will be interesting to see which photo we pick for the Cover of “Bellew Christmas”!!! ~EB


Photoshoot for Cover of Bellew Christmas!


On May 4th, I had the most wonderful artistic adventure with long-time friend, fan and photographer extraordinaire, Chatee’ Lackey of Busy Bee Photography in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Chatee’ is enormously talented and we had SO much fun together on the Photoshoot for the Cover of Bellew Christmas! Chatee’ bought some super special sparkly light blue (almost white) sheer fabric that she covered a black leather couch with. . . then she lined the underside of the fabric with little blue Christmas lights on the top of the couch, and then ran white Christmas lights underneath the couch for a “glowy” effect. . . To top it off, she scattered some cool clear crystal Christmas ornaments I brought from home on the couch to create a super sparkly Christmas vibe! Makeup was done by Chatee’s long-time friend and makeup artist Roxi Sandell. Roxi did a BEAUTIFUL job on my makeup and hair for the shoot! I brought two outfits – a blue satin party dress and a little red top and black mini skirt with black suede boots. Both outfits were great fun to work with, but I couldn’t find the right jewelry so I made my own! Pics from the shoot will be posted soon! Thank you again to the incredibly talented Chatee’ Lackey & Roxi Sandell! You girls are the BEST!!! ~EB


Mixing & Mastering of Bellew Christmas Is Complete!


Well it’s been a long six weeks or so, but my wonderfully talented engineer/producer Michael Head just finished Mixing and Mastering “Bellew Christmas” on April 18th!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results and I still can’t believe I am recording again! And it’s all because of Michael Head. To think, Blake and I first met Michael back in 2005 at Charlie Peacock’s recording studio, the Art House in Nashville. Michael had been doing some last-minute digital editing on our “Beautiful World” record, which was being mixed and mastered by producer Richie Biggs at the time. . . But I digress. . .

Michael and I started mixing “Bellew Christmas” together in March “long-distance” – Michael would email me the audio files and then I’d listen to them at my “mix park” at the end of each day. . . My “mix park” is this really cool little park I found less than a minute from my place. It’s got these huge banyan trees and I’d just park in front of them and gaze at them while I listened to every detail of the songs. . . then I would go home and digest it all, and then get up super early the next morning to listen to everything all over again with headphones on, and then Michael and I would exchange some very detailed mix notes. . . I have to hand it to Michael for his patience. Working with Blake for so many years taught me how to hear EVERYTHING in a magnified kind of way, and it can’t be undone… So thank you Michael for putting up with my myopic ears! And for making this first solo recording even possible. You have blessed me beyond what words can say!!! ~EB


Day 6: Mark Hill on Bass!


If things weren’t already perfect enough for this blessed recording, on this day I got to work with long-time friend and Nashville bass player extraordinaire, Mark Hill. Mark had already worked with me before on The Mary Dream’s latest record “This Kind of Life” so he already knew “how I am” : ) I will confess to you now that I am a control freak in the studio. I got it from Blake, but it’s “mine” now and there’s no turning back… Mark knows this and he still loves me anyway! Now that’s true friendship! lol! Mark arrived with a minimal setup – 1 Fender bass and a small amp head that looked like a simple black box, and after some warm hugs hello, we got down to the business at hand…

At one point, while we were tracking “Blue Christmas” and Mark was laying down the COOLEST Radiohead-like bass part, Mark said he was getting “goosebumps”… He was, as we all have been, overwhelmed by the unexpected vibeyness of that song… I can only imagine what Elvis would think if he could hear it now, lol : ) Another highlight of the session for me was when we arrived at the bass tone for “Greensleeves”… We had been experimenting with different tones and at the last minute, we decided to try a stand-up bass tone… it almost worked but needed to be more “alternative” and not so sustained, and there it was!!! An AMAZING low, “creeping” bass tone that added the perfect gothic foundation to our alt-folk-goth rendition of Greensleeves!!!

Throughout the session, I did my usual “Um… could we ‘investigate’ a section for a moment…” and at one point Mark exclaimed in a humorous tone “She’s all over it man!”. I’m sorry to say that I am, and that I will never forget that statement, lmao! Thank you Mark for always being the wonderful YOU and for being such an INCREDIBLE bass player!!! ~EB