“Winter Wonderland” & “Blue Christmas” to be Played on Women of Substance Radio!


I’m SO excited I just heard back from Bree Noble, the owner of Women of Substance Radio that they will be playing my songs “Winter Wonderland” and “Blue Christmas” on their Holiday Radio programming, which will air November 28th – December 25th! Women of Substance Radio is a Live 365 Radio Station featuring both indie and mainstream female artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Tori Amos, etc. A big THANK YOU to Bree Noble for this wonderful opportunity!!! Listen to my version of “Winter Wonderland” right here on this post! ~EB


Bellew Christmas Released On iTunes Worldwide Today!


SO excited to see my very first solo EP “Bellew Christmas” out on iTunes worldwide today! What a long musical journey I have been on and I can’t even believe this is the beginning of yet another musical “season” in my life. How lucky and blessed I feel to be able to make music. It is the greatest joy of my heart : )

Hard copies of “Bellew Christmas” should be here in about 2 weeks and will be available as Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered gifts to anyone who makes a donation to my upcoming KickStarter Campaign to help me raise money to record another EP in Nashville in 2015.

Digital versions of the EP are also available at all other major digital stores such as Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, etc. Merry Christmas in October everyone!!! ~EB


“Greensleeves” is Released as a Single & Debuts on Indie Radio in London, UK!

I am excited to say that my song “Greensleeves” from my upcoming Christmas EP “Bellew Christmas” has been released as a stand-alone Single on iTunes worldwide. “Greensleeves” made its indie radio debut in London on My Kind of Music UK on August 27th, and I couldn’t be more excited! The DJ’s there are so cool and funny! They have the most hysterical sense of humor and they crack me up all the time on Twitter : ) They are going to be featuring me on their website soon with photos and an interview, which will also include a retrospective on my original band The Mary Dream. Just to give you an idea of their wild sense of humor, one of the interview questions is: “Do you know anyone named Barbara?” This question has become an ongoing joke between myself and the DJ’s to the point where we are now referring to “the Barbaras” that I know as “The Babs” : )

The reason I decided to release “Greensleeves” as an advance Single is because it is more of a love song than exclusively a Christmas song and the DJ’s at MKOM were so excited to start playing it, that they wanted it available in the UK, so hence the early release. You can listen to “Greensleeves” right here and now on this post : ) ~EB


“Sneak Peak” Cover Photoshoot Pics!


On May 16th, my wonderfully talented photographer extraordinaire Chatee’ Lackey sent me some advance photos from our Cover Photoshoot from May 4th! And I couldn’t be more excited and happy with the results! As you can see from above, she sent me one lying on the couch and then I’ve added 2 more pics to the Bio Page! Check them out! Chatee’ is busy getting more photos ready, but as soon as she does, I will be creating an Instagram Page & Gallery! I’m SO excited! It will be interesting to see which photo we pick for the Cover of “Bellew Christmas”!!! ~EB


Photoshoot for Cover of Bellew Christmas!


On May 4th, I had the most wonderful artistic adventure with long-time friend, fan and photographer extraordinaire, Chatee’ Lackey of Busy Bee Photography in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Chatee’ is enormously talented and we had SO much fun together on the Photoshoot for the Cover of Bellew Christmas! Chatee’ bought some super special sparkly light blue (almost white) sheer fabric that she covered a black leather couch with. . . then she lined the underside of the fabric with little blue Christmas lights on the top of the couch, and then ran white Christmas lights underneath the couch for a “glowy” effect. . . To top it off, she scattered some cool clear crystal Christmas ornaments I brought from home on the couch to create a super sparkly Christmas vibe! Makeup was done by Chatee’s long-time friend and makeup artist Roxi Sandell. Roxi did a BEAUTIFUL job on my makeup and hair for the shoot! I brought two outfits – a blue satin party dress and a little red top and black mini skirt with black suede boots. Both outfits were great fun to work with, but I couldn’t find the right jewelry so I made my own! Pics from the shoot will be posted soon! Thank you again to the incredibly talented Chatee’ Lackey & Roxi Sandell! You girls are the BEST!!! ~EB