“Bellew Christmas” Now On Pandora Radio!


Hello Dear Friends & Fans!

SO excited to announce that “Bellew Christmas” is now on Pandora Radio just in time for the holidays! Please add “Elise Bellew (Holiday)” to your Pandora stations and give a “thumbs up” when they play my songs. This will help me get future CD’s on Pandora. Thanks so much for your support and have a wonderful holiday season!!! xoxo ~EB

P.S. Not Christmastime anymore? Listen to my not-so-Christmasy Love Song “Greensleeves” here:

2 thoughts on ““Bellew Christmas” Now On Pandora Radio!

  1. Mary Carter Bellew

    I loved your rendition of Greensleeves. The reason that I am writing is to contact Elise. I think it is such an odd thing that I went to your page during a name search, my own, and all three of my names are on this page. Mary Carter and Bellew. How funny is that !!

  2. Elise Bellew

    Hi Mary! Wow! That IS amazing that all 3 of your names appear in this post! How funny! And thank you SO much for your kind words about “Greensleeves”! It was truly one of my favorite songs to record! Keep in touch anytime : ) ~Elise

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