“Beautiful World” Now on Pandora Radio!


I am SO excited to announce that my first full-length record with The Mary Dream “Beautiful World” has been added to Pandora Radio!!! Beautiful World was our very first full-length release and has been featured on TV shows such as All My Children, The Real World (Denver, Vegas, D.C, etc), Road Rules, Teen Mom, The Bad Girls Club, Heartland, etc. (MTV is still currently using songs from Beautiful World on new episodes of Teen Mom : )

Blake and I recorded Beautiful World at home in Nashville and then mixed and mastered by producer Richie Biggs at The Art House. Richie later went on to win a Grammy for producing The Civil Wars, etc. He is awesome!!!

We couldn’t be more excited!!! Please help us get more airplay by adding The Mary Dream to your stations or by listening to the The Mary Dream station and giving “thumbs up” to our songs!

Thank you dear friends!!! ~EB

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