Writing The New Record 2016


Hello Friends & Fans! I’ve been SO inspired lately and I just felt compelled to share with you that I’ve been writing A TON of new songs for my new record… About half the songs I’ve been writing in my sleep (I’m not kidding, lol!), and so when that happens (usually between 4-6:00 am), I wake myself up and sing them into my iPhone so I can develop them later. My “voice memo” app has replaced the old days of a boom box to get my ideas down in a hurry! I have to say, I truly LOVE technology…

Anyway, I want to write about 30-40 songs and then pick the very best 10-14 to actually record and produce, so I’m still not quite ready for the studio… I’ve written a few songs with an incredibly talented piano player Julian Sundby. Julian puts some really beautiful chords to my melodies! (pictured above is Julian’s “magic piano” : )

It’s been quite a journey getting my ears and melodic tendencies up-to-date with the new sounds. I’ve been studying my favorite new discoveries on Pandora – studying the production in myopic detail so I can be ready for the studio. I’m really loving some of the new EDM elements, so those will definitely find their way onto the new record… It will be a fresh departure from what I’ve done in the past but yet, it will still be me, just a “new me” : )

More to come later… just wanted to share what I’ve been up to lately… xoxo ~EB