“Winter Wonderland” Added To Mainstream In-Store Radio!


I’m BEYOND excited to announce that my version of “Winter Wonderland” has been added to mainstream In-Store Holiday Radio!!! This means that the song will be played in department stores, malls, restaurants, etc, from December 1st through December 31st EVERY YEAR!!! So if you hear the song, please let me know where and when. The royalties will go to the original songwriters of “Winter Wonderland” so if you happen to have that App called “Shazam” please Shazam the song if you hear it. This will help me get exposure as the the artist who recorded it. I recently saw a story on 60 Minutes that said that “Shazaming” a song lets the music industry know what people like listening to : ) Too excited!!! ~EB


New Indiegogo Campaign Launched!

I’m so excited to announce that today I launched my very first Indiegogo Campaign! So many miracles occurred to help me record my first solo EP “Bellew Christmas” and now I am reaching out to my wonderful fans to help me record a brand new EP in Nashville in the Spring of 2015! The new EP will feature 5 new original songs written by me and will once again be produced by me and Nashville engineer/producer Michael Head. I also got to make this really cool video with my new Videographer Extraordinaire Kevin Dame! The Video is not your average Indiegogo Video – it’s more like a mini “Behind The Music” episode! Stay tuned for more details! Below is the link to my Campaign and Thank You for supporting indie music! ~EB

Visit Indiegogo Campaign