Mixing & Mastering of Bellew Christmas Is Complete!


Well it’s been a long six weeks or so, but my wonderfully talented engineer/producer Michael Head just finished Mixing and Mastering “Bellew Christmas” on April 18th!!! I couldn’t be happier with the results and I still can’t believe I am recording again! And it’s all because of Michael Head. To think, Blake and I first met Michael back in 2005 at Charlie Peacock’s recording studio, the Art House in Nashville. Michael had been doing some last-minute digital editing on our “Beautiful World” record, which was being mixed and mastered by producer Richie Biggs at the time. . . But I digress. . .

Michael and I started mixing “Bellew Christmas” together in March “long-distance” – Michael would email me the audio files and then I’d listen to them at my “mix park” at the end of each day. . . My “mix park” is this really cool little park I found less than a minute from my place. It’s got these huge banyan trees and I’d just park in front of them and gaze at them while I listened to every detail of the songs. . . then I would go home and digest it all, and then get up super early the next morning to listen to everything all over again with headphones on, and then Michael and I would exchange some very detailed mix notes. . . I have to hand it to Michael for his patience. Working with Blake for so many years taught me how to hear EVERYTHING in a magnified kind of way, and it can’t be undone… So thank you Michael for putting up with my myopic ears! And for making this first solo recording even possible. You have blessed me beyond what words can say!!! ~EB