Recording A Christmas EP During Christmastime!


Most recording artists record their Christmas records during the Spring so they can release them in time for the holiday season…

I am so excited to say that this was not the case for me and it’s all because of my wonderful friend, Nashville engineer/producer Michael Head. Michael had reached out to me in the Spring of 2013 to see if I’d be interested in recording a new record at McPherson Studio with him. I hadn’t seen Michael since 2006 after he had done some digital editing on The Mary Dream’s “Beautiful World” record, and here it was 2013!

I explained to Michael about some budget limitations, and he came up with the idea to record during his slowest time of year to make it easier for both of us to make something happen – Christmastime! Michael confessed to me that he had always wanted to make a Christmas record during the ACTUAL Christmas season but never got to, so we decided to go for it!

Of course, this meant that we would have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR to release the record, but the idea of recording Christmas songs during the actual Christmas season thrilled us both!

For the coming months, I went to work listening to Christmas songs, noting my favorites, both melodically and lyrically… I narrowed it down to about 20 songs and started practicing them a capella. I didn’t want to influence how we might arrange and produce the songs, so that’s why I didn’t practice them to music. But even with a capella, arranging and production ideas began to form…

By the time December rolled around, I had narrowed the songs down to 7 favorites, with the 5 that I was most sure we would record, which we did : )

December 2013 in Nashville was FREEZING!!! So everyone who worked on the record certainly had no problem getting into the Christmas spirit! The thing that I found most entertaining though was grocery shopping at night at Kroger after recording all day, and hearing the exact same songs we were just working on, on the radio, only my versions were VERY different… : ) ~EB